Following the fashion to Krakow airport

As you know, I am interested in fashion, modeling world and architecture. I love following trends and following them in my closet. What is more, I am passionate about modern architecture and how it changes the technology of construction and composition of art. So this time I decided to go in search of inspiration to Krakow! On the occasion of fashion shows and Krakow Fashion Week, I decided that it was the perfect time for a short trip to the city. I booked a plane ticket to Krakow Balice Airport, a quick transfer from and I was on my way.

The city of beautiful form

Krakow has been one of the most fashionable cities in Poland and Europe for centuries. Currently, it is undoubtedly a place that develops aesthetic sensitivity thanks to many initiatives related to fashion and design as well as original architecture. It is also a center for creative activities that fit in with global trends related to production or promoted sustainable development in the spirit of ecology.

For centuries, Krakow has had a close relationship with fashion, which was part of the colourful landscape of the city and its culture. Although it is not generally considered the capital of Polish fashion, we can find many interesting places and stories hidden in them.

The role of art

Every year in the second half of November, thanks to the involvement of the city’s Department of Culture and National Heritage, events are held to show how important a role in contemporary society creative design, broadly defined as applied arts, fashion or space planning, plays. Applied fashion is not only clothes, haberdashery or jewelry, but also the design of spaces in parks, city spaces and the architecture of our homes.

Fashionable places in Krakow

Let’s look at the list of places related to fashion and design in Krakow. We can visit boutiques of big, well-known brands in and around the Main Square, as well as delve into the colorful streets of the fascinating Kazimierz district to discover local boutiques, vintage stores, and art studios.

Fashion, design, and architecture feel perfectly at home in Krakow and evolve with the fast-paced world. You can discover them – as well as the beauty of the city itself – many times, getting to know beautiful objects, but above all inspiring personalities – both historical and contemporary. Krakow is a city of artists, art, music, film…this place has its soul and inspires action!

Krakow Fashion Week

This weekend marked the ninth edition of Krakow Fashion Week organized by the School of Artistic Fashion Design. It is on this occasion that I decided to appear here. This is a great opportunity for young designers to present their work. As the organizers themselves emphasize, it also helps to look at fashion in a different way and see its social potential. During this year’s festival new Polish brands were presented, which have sustainable development and fair trade in mind. Polish designers through their activity want to show that it is possible to look at the production of clothes from a different perspective. This is facilitated by the cooperation with such organizations as Fashion Revolution Poland, the Buy Responsibly Foundation, and Fairtrade Poland. The aim of Krakow Fashion Week is to promote ecological thinking, not only through fashion itself, but through various activities.

Krakow Fashion Week is something more than a fashion show

It is also a unique opportunity to meet industry personalities and fashion icons. This year in Krakow appeared for example Marcellous L., Nawie Kuiper, Mark and Bin. They, among others, formed the jury awarding the Krakow Fashion Award, an award for the best young Polish designer. And this one is not at all easy to get. I know that for those who are not interested in fashion, these are quite strange names, but believe me it was a great honor to meet them and I will never forget it!

Fashion feast lasts in total until March 18 and will be ended with a gala in Kazimierz Gallery. Until then, you will be able to take part in numerous accompanying events. The whole festival will end with a No Waste Show highlighting the harmfulness of constant discarding of objects from our environment.

I am trying to be better in this subject and care about ecology. That’s why I don’t buy unnecessary things just because they are on sale. If you explore the topic, you will see for yourself how the environment and innocent people of the east suffer from our mindless consumerism.

Fashion show from Indonesia

I also had the pleasure to participate in the organized fashion show in Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology from Indonesia, prepared under the patronage of the Embassy of Indonesia in Poland and the Mayor of Krakow. Batik and beyond: A journey through Indonesian fashion” was to show how fashion combines the rich tradition of making and dyeing fabrics or creating intricate jewelry with modernity and global tastes. We presented collections of designers from Indonesia: Batik Chic and Yoon Kla.

It was really interesting experience and very inspiring! This is what I needed!

Too little time

I really regret that I didn’t have enough time to visit Krakow, taste the local cuisine and feel the atmosphere of a student city. However, I have seen many advertisements of Krakow Direct, who organize guided tours around the city, and I will definitely use them one day. Besides Krakow, you can also see the Auschwitz Museum, the Wieliczka Salt Mine or go with them to Zakopane and Energylandia! See for yourself: